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Crazy World

Folks, it is a crazy world out there; So much is going on it is not even funny. As an American you now need to be on alert no matter where you are. If you are in the United States you have to pay attention for potential terrorists lurking until it is time form them to initiate an attack, and that state of alert is for every state. While terrorists sometimes try to focus on major cities and major events where many people can be attacked simultaneously, there are little incidents occurring all over the country. Outside of the country you have the same acts of terror being carried out as well. What happened to the days when people could travel the world and visit other countries? Those days are gone now, and popular tourist spots like Paris, Germany and other European destinations have all been terrorist targets in 2016. If you do decide to travel, you should certainly be careful wherever you are. Terrorists have been known to kidnap foreigners for ransom, propoganda and political reasons. Sometimes there are no reasons and they just want to inflict damage towards Americans and other foreigners. It is definitely a major issue that can not be ignored.

Of course while these issues are major issues, there are many other issues for Americans to worry about as well. The biggest issues as of this October is the upcoming presidential election. On one hand you have a condescending, arrogant Republican nominee in Donald Trump. On the other side you have a Democratic party nominee that many people don't trust. Many say that either candidate isn't appropriate to be the Commander in Chief of the United States. However, one of these contestants will be the one to represent America for the next four years. It will be a historic race for the White House for sure. Hillary Clinton the wife of President Bill Clinton, would potentially be the first woman to hold the presidency in our country. Donald Trump would potentially be the president with a small amount of political and especially foreign policy experience. So who will America choose? The loudmouth with some good ideas, but a poor delivery? Or The candidate that has been labeled a liar and might suffer from poor health who also happens to be the first woman to win their parties nomination? Only time will tell.

So with all of that said what does this all mean? It means that we my friends, are living in a crazy world. Many of us are already burdened with their bills, salaries and families and now we have that much more to worry about. The last thing thing that people need on their minds are more issues, more problems and more craziness. Lets hope that things will work out and as the fight vs. terrorism continues that our world will continue to be safer, but for now just be prepared for a crazy start to 2017 in our crazy world.

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