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KMA - Frequently Asked Questions Cayemay Frequently Asked Questions -- Of course you can always contact the staff via our contact page Ask a question

What does KMA mean?
Can I place an order with a debit/credit card?
What is the "My Account" link for?
What is the picture contest all about?
How do I use a coupon?
What is the difference between Cayemay and Steelo Outlet
Why does the newsletter sign up link take me to the login page?

What does KMA mean?

Cayemay is the phonetic spelling of KMA, so you will see the terms interchanged around this website.

Can I place an order with a debit/credit card? Or do I need a Paypal account?

You can place an order with a debit or credit card. As shown below, it is not mandatory to create a Paypal account if you do not have one already. You can easily make a payment by clicking on check out and selecting the option shown below

Just select - Do not have a Paypal account - and then click the continue button from the choose a way to pay screen after clicking checkout. We are currently negotiating with a few companies to offer more payment options.

How do I use a coupon

You can redeem your coupon on the during the checkout process on the Payment Information screen as shown below

Simply enter the coupon code and select continue after filling out the rest of the data on that page as necessary.

What is the difference between Cayemay and Steelo Outlet? is so unique it blends both a content entertainment based website with an eCommerce website for your convenience. They are separate divisions of the same company. Cayemay Entertainment Outlet LLC oversees both entities and thus all privacy policy and terms of conditions statements that apply for will apply for Steelo Outlet eCommerce portion of the website.

What is the My Account link for?

My account is used so you can register and log in to access more features of the website, and make purchases. Log in to your account if you want to browse or shop at the Steelo Outlet, sign up for the KMA newsletter, view order history or modify account information.

What is the picture contest all about?

The picture contest is a way to make some easy cash by submitting a picture of yourself and having your friends and family vote for your picture to win the contest. Each month the contestant with the most UNIQUE votes will win a cash prize. The value of the prize will vary depending on the number of contestants and voters. Currently the lowest prize level is $50.00 US dollars. Votes are tracked by various methods and each household can only vote once. Please see the Official Rules for more information or visit the Voting page to vote or the Enter Contest page to submit your picture and enter the contest.

Why does the newsletter sign up link take me to the login page?

In order to sign up for the newsletter you must be signed in to your KMA account. If you do not have an account you can create an account that will allow you certain benefits (Shopping, viewing order history, sign up for newsletters etc.) while on the website. If you are directed to the login page after logging in you will be directed to the newsletter sign up page. On that page all you have to do is select the sign up checkbox and then click on the continue button.