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Are you ready for Summer?

Here it is, creeping up on you, and you can't avoid it. Summer is around the corner, and it is time to start eating healthier working out and getting ready for the beach. Some people say they want to look good for the summer for their beach and pool trips, however in reality people should be more health conscious every day. What is it about summer that entices people to get up, and attempt to eat healthier and exercise more?

The truth is that Americans have gotten lazy; Not every one of them, however the majority of the population has definitely become lazier as we can see with obesity rates rising in the United States. Some people keep the mindset that they will not get dressed if they don't plan on leaving the house for the day; This leaves them walking around the house in their pajamas lounging around the house all day. Other Americans eat whatever they want and exercise very little if any at all, until the Summer. Sure, it is nice to look good for the Summer, but in all actuality Americans and everyone nationally should concentrate on eating healthy and exercising more all year long.

There are so many excuses not to eat healthy and/or exercise. Have you ever heard a smoker make excuses on why they can't quit? They are just that....excuses; There is no real reason why people can't quit smoking, or eat healthy or exercise more to improve their lifestyle. The fake reason is laziness, at least that is the main reason. The other part of it is that some people don't worry about potential issues until they become real issues. Some smokers wouldn't worry about how their smoking is affecting their health until they find out they have cancer. Some obese people don't worry about weight until they have to buy two airline seats and buy a new wardrobe because of their size. It is really unfortunate, but health is taken for granted by many until a problem with their health occurs. People should become more health conscious all year long, if not we will have an entire society of obese people that have cancer and are riddled with health problems. Stop being lazy, maybe this year the summer will motivate you to live healthier. Next winter, let it be your brain that motivates you to do the same.

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