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How do you break the internet?

Breaking the internet sounds like the world wide web is some toy that you can just turn off and on like Trendz Of Culture. If it were only that easy, right? That leaves the question how do you break the internet? No, it isn't by trashing every server in the United States. The way that you break the internet is by allowing Kim Kardashian to pose naked, and by posting the pictures on the web.

It may not have been the first time that you have seen the gorgeous Kim Kardasian in the nude, with this latest session of Kim posing for Paper magazine, the photos hitting the internet in late 4th quarter 2014. Some would think by now that she doesn't really need the money, so why would she have to resort to using her body to gain attention? ( see: Break the Internet with mind, not body) Do you think it is silly for us to be in the age of the NFL cracking down on domestic violence, phsical abuse, child abuse and Cosby allegations of rape, while one of the biggest role models for young women parades around the internet showing off all of her goods trying to break the internet? Something just doesn't seem right about that; What do you think?

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