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The richest man in the world has a rich idea!

Finally, a policy that both the Rich, and the Poor agree on. It seems that the Richest man in the world (as of 10/2014), Mr. Carlos Slim Helu has a great idea that most Americans, and even people in other countries would agree with, cutting down the standard work week from five days to three. (Read 3 day work week article on cnn here)

Carlos has proposed that the work week is reduced from our standard 5 day work week to a 3 day work week. His concept is that people will just have to work longer work days on the days that they work, therefore producing the same amount in a consolidated amount of time. However, using his proposal people would also have to continue to work an additional 5 to 10 years before retiring. This will free up time for people to actually relax, rest and enjoy more of their lives thus making them happier and more productive in the work place, and in general according to his theory.

Do you think Mr. Slim is on to something? Who was the genius that came up with a 5 day work week anyway? Think about it, and using the United States as an example the current retirement age is at 65 years old. Now what can you do at age 65? You can't enjoy life the way you would when you are 40 years old. At 65 for many the human body is starting to break down. I don't think many people are out Jet Skiing, Skydiving and performing extraneous activities at our current retirement age. How can you enjoy your life if you don't have any time to do it?

This plan makes sense for the most part, but lets make it more realistic. Lets say a 4 day work week. Everyone gets 3 days off for the weekend but will have to work longer days @ 10 hours a day. Companies will still receive 40 hours worth of work from their employees. In addition, companies can still remain open for a full business week. Some employees will work Monday through Thursday and some will work Tuesday through Friday, thus covering the business days of the week. So companies will still receive the same amount of work from their employees and be able to operate on the same business days that they always have.

What would really change? for companies, nothing would really change besides them just rearranging peoples work schedules. In fact, they would actually benefit. Due to the longer hours each day that employees would work, companies could actually increase their operating hours of business. This would give them the opportunity to increase revenue as their doors remain open longer each business day. Imagine if you are a business owner and the mall is open for 2 additional hours a day Monday through Friday? How can anyone argue with this plan? Employees now would have an additional day to enjoy life, and potentially have a day where they can conduct business at places that are traditionally closed during the weekends (banks, government offices). Now your Saturday wait on the DMV line will be shortened because many people already went on their additional day off. These types of advantages will be felt across the globe. People will buy into this system and live happier lives.

Don't be fooled the 3 day work plan that Carlos Slim has proposed sounds very good as well. However, I'm not sure people will buy into waiting an additional 10 years to retire. Especially in our day, and age where people aren't living healthy (smoking, drinking and drugs), and maybe don't expect to make it to 75 years old. Mr. Slim's plan isn't that far off though from making our society a better place, and allowing humans to live happier, more productive lives. The cost will only be 2 hours a day for four days a week, it is more than worth it and everyone wins. What do you think?


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