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No Big Mac at McDonald's? You'll have to stick to fries.

This past week 07/21/2014 in China many of the McDonald''s burger chain restaurants known for its hamburger patties was not able to to serve any burgers.

Unfortunately due to safety and health issues from OSI their main supplier in China, there was a shortage in beef.

The shortage resulted in a bunch of McDonald locations out of stock for burgers; They were left to serve only hash browns, fries and other non beef products.

Sounds fishy, right? Well I can't really imagine that happening over here in the U.S.. Potentially even more disturbing is that the McDonald's chain will continue to use the same supplier, while other chain food restaurants like, KFC and Papa Johns will discontinue business with OSI.

With fast food prices on the rise it might be worth a few extra bucks to ensure you are getting a fresh and healthy piece of beef. I'm just saying.....What do you think?


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