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I thought that switching jobs too often was a bad thing? Not for Facebook Vice President of messaging products.

Many job seekers have went through some uncomfortable questioning at some point or another during a job interview. Employers are often concerned about how often you have switched from one job to the next. However, is this true for high level employment as well? Do you think that the CEO and Vice Presidents of major corporations are treated using a double standard?

On June 10th, 2014 the news came out that social media leader Facebook has recruited PayPal president David Marcus to lead their mobile messaging products division. This move comes after Marcus took the presidential duties for the PayPal position only two years ago.

So my question is why can the President of PayPal leave his position after serving only two years and the move is applauded in social media circles, and the tech world? I agree that an employee should be able to move from job to job provided they have the skills to handle the position. Maybe they don't get along with coworkers, or maybe they took what they could at the time to pay their mortgage, then a few months into the job, they get an offer with another company that pays significantly more. I think it is a no brainer to take the better job.

The problem is if you are not the President of a major corporation, potential employers frown upon you moving from job to job. The question is how can you better your career, and life then? I think employers need to take the time to review their candidates a little more closely. Especially when I think that a majority of the people making these decisions would leave their job today if they had a chance at a better career opportunity. You should not have to be a Vice President in order to get a fair shot at a position that you are qualified for. Judge individuals by their talent, not by how long they hold each position. Should potential employers do what is right for their companies or what is right for potential employees? What do you think?


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