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Maximizing the minimum wage

When is the last time that you had to worry about how much the United States Federal minimum wages were? Better yet, how much was the minimum wage for the very first job that you had?

Well, it seems that some cities are embracing new trends, technologies and lifestyle changes. Racism, and politics are shifting to focus on different values. New planets are being discovered, and dependency on foreign oil is being reduced in an attempt to help preserve the environment and strengthen our country. States like Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use, and taken the initiative to pave the way for other states. Speaking of the state of Washington, it is slowly becoming quite attractive to many Americans because of their ideas and lifestyle.

Washington was one of the leaders in the charge for legalizing recreational marijuana, and they even won the 2014 Superbowl. Guess what? Washington state continues to set precedents again by becoming the first state to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. That is right you are reading correct, the Seattle City Council has unanimously voted to raise the minimum wage. So Seattle raises the minimum wage after already leading the nation with the highest minimum wage (The state of Washington already had the highest minimum wage nationwide at $9.32 an hour). While some small businesses complain about not being able to afford it, I applaud the move and embrace today's changing society.

The United States has great qualities with freedom, citizens rights and Democracy. Citizens have the right to disagree, create, vote and improve on past so the future is brighter. As technologies continue to advance and society continues to change, certain states are helping to lead the charge. Washington is definitely one of those states, and it is becoming more attractive to Americans by the day. What do you think?


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