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Hail to the ???????????? New name?

So if you haven't heard yet, there was a letter sent out to Roger Goodell and the Washington Redskins that was signed by 50 U.S. Senators regarding a proposed name change.

Some Senators have pointed to other bouts of racism, such as the whole Donald Sterling drama with the Los Angeles Clippers. The name "Redskins", the Senators claim, is not appropriate in this day and age, and is a derogatory term.

The problem is that every Redskins fans, Bruce Allen their General Manger, and even the owner Daniel Snyder disagree. The whole name change issue has come up before, however the dispute was never brought in the form of a letter signed by 50 U.S. Senators. This brings more attention to the matter, in addition to the recent racism issues in sports, and the media.

In a stunning yet brilliant move General Manager Bruce Allen sets the record straight regarding the Redskins name, and guess what? They aren't going to change the name, period! You can read the reply from Bruce Allen Here. You know I'm glad that in this day and people are trying to abolish racism, but I don't want us to get carried away.

The Redskins name is not meant to be offensive, and they have a long history of tradition to prove it. Even if it hurts a few Senators feelings there are thousands, maybe millions of fans that would be hurt if the tradition and pride of this franchise was changed. What do you think?


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