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Is College really worth it? You are taught all of your childhood to go to school and work hard to get into college and get a good job. Well guess what not everyone that has a degree is guaranteed a job. Someone close to me just finished his Masters degree and barely even gets any responses even after having over 10 years of experience in his field. So we ask you the question, Is college really worth it?

We have to say yes, we have to think that most people (and we think this is especially so with younger people) find jobs easier and get paid more with college degrees. So we definitely think that if you are straight out of high school, go directly to college, and then enter the workforce you have a pretty good chance. But when you miss the boat, you are in trouble. If you end up going to school 10 years later and then acquire your degree, you are really only acquiring a bunch of debt. It is such a tough market out there even in your field, even with a degree, and even with experience. So while a single parent has to struggle with a $12.00 an hour job after not being able to find a higher paying, mid-level job, there is no money left to pay back your student loan. Then you get calls every day because you can't pay the money back and they garnish your $12.00 an hour pay and now you can't pay your rent and other bills too, because you are being garnished. The average college debt in this country is around 30k give or take a few thousand and more and more graduates can't find jobs and/or find lower paying jobs and default on their student loans. After all student loan debt is the highest amount of debt that Americans carry after home loans. This all leads back to the original question, Is college really worth it?

Now the purpose of this article was to talk about something even more shocking (sarcasm). Subsidized student loans are getting pricier this year. That is right interest on loans are rising and will continue to rise as prior economic stimuli funding ends. So students will continue to accrue debt at a higher level with no guarantee of getting a job, let alone making enough to pay back a college loan and pay their bills at the same time. Catch 22? Maybe, but one thing is for sure, knowledge is getting more expensive.

A new feature we might try is to ad your responses to articles so if you want to join in on the conversation just use the Contact Us page and just use the subject as Article Response. I will post your responses under our column!


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