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Sports is out of control. What is going on with the owners of sports franchises? Usually we hear about players going crazy, getting arrested or bringing some sort of negative attention their way. Is the trend changing from the players to the owners?

Owners are supposed to be held to a higher standard right? If they are leading their team then they need to set an example for all the other coaches, staff and players to follow. Doesn't seem like that is working out lately. First, in March Jim Irsay owner of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts gets arrested on 4 felony counts and then, here were are at the end of April and we get to hear the racist remarks of Donald Sterling owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers franchise. You can Google around to hear actual audio of what was said, but to make a long story short, Sterling argued with his Girlfriend over posting pictures with African American people on Instagram. This is unbelievable that an owner who makes hundreds of millions of dollars from African American players on his team would react like this. Even more troubling that in this day and age racism still exists. We know the world isn't perfect, but we should not expect nor tolerate this type of behavior from a sports franchise owner. Especially one who makes hundreds of millions of dollars using the services of African Americans, and then behind doors not wanting his girlfriend to be seen in public with African Americans?

This doesn't make sense and I hope that we are not in the middle of a trend of owners and people in positions of power to start making blunders. We need the people who are supposed to be leaders to lead. We need to ensure that our young sports athletes are being guided correctly and not misguided. This goes for all athletes no matter the race, ethnicity, color or religion. Owners, people in positions of power let's not make this a trend for our youth to follow because these are our sons, daughters, and grand children that are doing the following.

Breaking news as of 04/29/2014 @ 2:30 PM
Donald Sterling has now been banned for life from any involvement with the NBA. The NBA will also try to force his hand into selling the franchise. I'm sure you will hear more about this in the news, but if not crawl out from under the rock and....Google it.

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